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Sustainable Beauty 


October 2020

Since I turned forty three I have made a conscious decision to look after my skin better. I have always used the basics but definitely wasn't religious enough about it. It was while creating content for this site and my Instagram account that I was fortunate enough to be gifted some items fro the Codex Beauty range. That is where my interest in sustainable beauty began. It is safe to say that Codex changed both my skin and my ideas on skincare. 

I have become a lot more aware of ingredients and what I am putting on my skin. There are some incredible sustainable Beauty brands out there. It can be quite difficult to pin down brands on sustainability, organic, vegan, cruelty free etc. I found this article very informative and enlightening. I believe it is our responsibility to inform ourselves. In the mean time here are some sustainable beauty brands I discovered while researching this article. Fashion Floats Favourite has to go to Codex Beauty because I have used them and I know that they work and I love everything that the company stands for. Their facial cleansing oil is a game changer. I cannot wait to try their serum and day cream next. I look forward to trying more of these brands in the future particularly Josie's Botanicals whose story I love and Warrior Botanicals whose branding and website I absolutely adore.

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