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I started this edit as the result of a poll I ran on my Instagram account where one third of you told me that you didn't wear sunscreen on a daily basis. I mentioned the sunscreen that I had been wearing most, extolling it's virtues and then went off to compile this edit for you as requested. 

It was only while compiling this edit that I came across an article on my preferred sunscreen. It had been discovered by INCIDecoder, an ingredient database founded by a cosmetic chemist, that it was SPF 19 — less than half of its purported SPF 50+. So the moral of this story-do your research! The sunscreen I had been wearing was a brand unknown to me prior to me using the product but was known as The Internets favourite sunscreen! So it turns out that I shall be shopping my own edit!


Look at the Small Print. When buying an SPF, look for Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum on the label. This means that it will block both UVA (which causes premature ageing) and UVB (which causes burning) Moisturiser with a low SPF in it is not enough. That is just a bonus but certainly not enough to keep your skin protected. A high star rating (4 or 5) is also a good indicator.

Buy a sunscreen that works for your skin and your lifestyle. For example Environ sell an SPF 15 with the intention that you reapply it regularly through out the day. Personally I prefer a higher SPF and would only be reapplying if I were outside a lot on a particular day. If you are someone who likes to re-apply product regularly throughout the day then maybe that is the product for you. If you have oily skin you might consider a mattifying SPF.

Wear sunscreen every day. This sounds simple but so many people wait for a hot day before applying SPF.  Wear sunscreen on your neck, face and décolletage! Even if you are not going to be leaving the house-apply SPF! To reiterate what I said on my Instagram stories on this, make your sunscreen a part of your daily skin care routine. Every morning I cleanse, apply facial oil, my moisturiser, my eye cream and then my SPF. It takes five minutes in total and is non-negotiable.

I am not a skincare expert so if you have any questions, I would recommend you contact your nearest skin salon. HAve a lovely day and don't forget WEAR SUNSCREEN! :)


Susanne x.

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