Sunday Style 05.12.21

Every week we pick our favourite new fashion, beauty and interiors arrivals from across the web for you. We do the trawling so you don't have to.

Good morning and happy Sunday! This week's Sunday Style Edit is our biggest ever! It is jam packed with festive pieces that were requested by many of you in an Instagram poll during the week. For the most part this Sunday Style Edit is similar to past edits however I have squeezed in loads of glamorous tops, dresses, knitwear and casual-dressy pieces for Christmas as you asked.

Some of you are planning full on glam for the big day whilst some of you prefer to be cosy but still look your best. My top tip would be to include one piece of texture in whatever your outfit you're wearing. If you prefer to do loungewear at home, make it cashmere. if you like a comfortable but dressy casual knitted dress, add lace tights, if you love jeans wear them with a silk or chiffon top or if you prefer to stay very understated wear all black with red nails and a red lip and add diamanté earrings or a statement cocktail ring. You get my drift here-be yourself but feel great with a little extra je ne sais quoi. Also jewel tones are your friend in the cold Winter months. They lift your complexions and bring warmth and light to your face. Don't be afraid of them! My last tip is to mix textures-lace and denim, satin and cashmere or leather and chiffon. Textures provide a point of interest and add that luxe feel. And as I always say "Buy the best "You" can afford". You will thank me for this. I promise.

I'm still undecided as to what to wear myself. We're booked to be away but I'm not sure how that will be play out. Most Christmas outfits for me involve a piece of Tim Ryan Knitwear (IYKYK) Tim is a London based, Irish knitwear designer who flies under the radar, that said his pieces have been worn by many the rockstar and model. His pieces epitomise Investment Buying and they are so fricking cool! :)

I am launching something very exciting and new this week. It is something that a lot have asked for since I started Fashion Floats. I feel excited and nervous and exhausted and elated plus a myriad of additional feelings and emotions. Stay tuned to my Instagram stories this week to see the big reveal!

Special mention in this edit goes to Sarah Rickard whose name I remembered only too well from my Fashion Buying days. Sarah is a well known stylist who launched her own collection "Styled By" recently. None of the collections disappoints! "Styled By" consists of gorgeous wardrobe staples you didn't know you needed and are of excellent quality and price. No mean feat! I've included Irish designer Laura Chambers in countless past Sunday Style Edits.Her velvet trousers and cashmere knits are a match made in heaven and when you see the rich jewel palette available you'll understand why she simply had to feature in this particular edit.

Any pieces marked with three asterisks have discount codes for them over on the shop link on my Instagram account. I love to include and support small and Independent Irish businesses and many of them have very generously given me discount codes for you all.

Happy Shopping!

Susanne x.