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Style Series ~ Cropped Trousers 15.09.21

I was asked via my Instagram account to do a "how to style cropped trousers' edit. The person who requested the edit said that they find it very difficult as they love this style of trousers but don't wear heels. First off everyone can wear cropped trousers but as with all items of clothing, it is about dressing for your body type.

With cropped trousers it is all about proportion and knowing your body type.

Bare these stying tips below in mind and you wont go far wrong. I have also included some very useful imagery for you all.

Besides a good fit, the leg width of the cropped trousers is the biggest factor when considering which style to buy. Because they are cut-off above the ankle they visually shorten your height which in turn can make you appear fuller-figured. The taller and slimmer you are, the more latitude you have to play with width. If you are petite, opt for a slim leg to avoid looking swamped. Wearing the same coloured top and trousers is best to elongate the body. Wear a cropped style that ends just at the ankle, any shorter and your body will appear cut off. Keep your top neat in shape and tucked in. If you prefer to keep your bum and thighs covered opt for a fitted capri style 7/8 style trousers, wear heels when possible then add a slightly longer top for a lovely layered look. Again I would suggest sticking within the same colour palette.

A heel is great to elongate your shape but, if like the original person who messaged me, you tend not to wear heels, then wear a shoe in a similar colour to your outfit or a sleek lower boot with a wedge heel are great. The western style boots that are everywhere this season are your friend with a low block heel and pointed toe to give the illusion of a longer leg. Make sure there is no gap between where your trousers end and your boot begins. It's all about giving the illusion of longer legs.

You'll find a comprehensive edit of new season cropped trousers and jeans below the infographs.

As always, I have included pieces from small or independent Irish boutiques. They are all clearly marked. I love to support smaller businesses and you will find a list of discount codes for lots of small Irish businesses via the shop link on my Instagram

Happy Shopping!

Susanne x

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