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Self Care Edit 17.08.21

When I received a message over on Instagram suggesting an edit for frazzled mothers, I was excited at the prospect. It's been very rewarding to create an edit that is holistic in its end result and one that I know almost all of us are in need of.

If the last two years has demonstrated anything to us, it is that we 'must' learn to take care of ourselves and our needs. Self care has become a popular umbrella term for this and this is what I have used as a starting point when creating this edit.

Self care falls in to 6 areas- physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, personal and professional. It is not always possible to tend to all these areas all the time in our life but by even knowing the categories, it will help us all be a bit more aware about what we need.

Try focusing on one area each day but assign ten minutes to the other areas. For example twenty minutes exercise every day plus ten minutes to the other sections would equate to seventy minutes in twenty four hours. Just try it. As a solo parent, I know how difficult it can be to prioritise yourself and your needs so don't think I am claiming to have figured this one out at all. I struggle hugely with this one too. I'm really hoping by writing this article that I may just find a balance and help you to do that same. I'd love you to let me know what you think of this edit and how you incorporated some self care in to your life over on Instagram.

As always I am passionate about supporting small and independent Irish businesses so have included as many as possible in this edit. I wanted to give a special mention to The Headplan Company. I bought the Headplan a few months ago and find it such a clever and easy way to add structure to my day. They have just launched a Gratitude journal and I'm delighted to include that in this edit also. Gratitude has seen me through some very tough times. The brands founder Denise Kenny -Byrne is a breath of fresh air. A savvy business woman and one of my favourite accounts to follow on Instagram. I would highly recommend downloading The Headplan app also.

There are lots of discount codes for you in the Shop section of my bio on Instagram.

Hover on the photo to see the price and click through to view or buy.

Happy self care shopping!

Susanne x.