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School Run Edit 26.08.21

I was asked via my Instagram account to do a "School Run' edit. As the kids all head back to school everyone is after simple wardrobe pieces that will work hard for your lifestyle without breaking the bank. Obviously we want to like good too so my take on this request was to pick a selection of pieces that can be mixed and matched together to create effortless, casual outfits that look great. Clearly you don't need to be doing the "school run"; all the pieces I have picked are wardrobe pieces that will work for everyone when you want to look put together in an off-duty and chic kind of way.

For example layer the striped top under the zip hoodie or denim shirt, turn the sleeves up for interest and pair it with either the faux leather trousers or jeans. Another look is one of the jersey dresses (all amazing value btw) worn with the leather jacket and converse. In the Winter wear tights and the fab leather ankle boots. Lastly try the leather trousers with converse and the fab longline khaki parka. Finish it off with the pick knit (khaki and pink are great together!) and add the gorgeous triangle scarf from Irish knitwear brand Electronic Sheep. The scarves are an investment but worth the money. I have mine for almost a decade now and it's still good as new and is always admired when I wear it.

A top tip for giving an outfit an edge is to remember the 3 item rule. So rather than just a top and jeans, add a printed scarf or another layer (hoodie or jacket) for interest. This 3 item rule will never see you wrong, I promise! Accessories are your friend here too for making an outfit look "finished" and put together. As always, I am delighted to answer all your style or sourcing queries (looking for a specific piece and you can't find it, I'm your woman!) over on Instagram or via email here.

I have picked predominantly neutral colours as they are timeless and for the most part neutrals pieces will always mix well together and cohesively for more outfit options. You can interchange the pieces that I have chosen for a similar piece in a colour that you like to wear.

Any pieces marked with three asterisks have discount codes available over on my Instagram account too. You're welcome! :)

Happy school run shopping :)

Susanne x.

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