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Leather Trousers Edit 01.02.22

It's undeniable that leather trousers are now a wardrobe staple.

In the last ten years we saw leather leggings become a wardrobe staple hanging alongside skinny jeans. The introduction of engineered fabrics and fabric technologies means you can now buy a pair of faux leather or vegan leather trousers that are very difficult to differentiate from the real deal. And now that there are so many popular fits in denim, it only makes sense that leather and it's faux counterparts are now available in a variety of shapes and fits too. Straight leg and joggers are two very popular styles at the moment. I've included a mix of all of the aforementioned in this edit.

Any pieces marked with three asterisks have discount codes for them over on the shop link on my Instagram account. I love to include and support small and Independent Irish businesses and many of them have very generously given me discount codes for you all.

If you would like a personalised edit, you can find details of our Concierge Service here. Slots are booking up quickly for this month so get in touch today!

Happy Shopping!

Susanne x.

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