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Cashmere Edit


October 2020

I've added a few extra pieces to this edit. I wanted to include some accessories for people who have not bought cashmere before. Cashmere accessories are a great way to trial this beautiful, super soft, luxe yarn.


 It may appear overpriced (I promise you-it is not!) You will be wearing it for years to come, once you look after it. I have cashmere sweaters that are almost ten years old and they are still in absolutely perfect condition. Invest in a cashmere comb. This one is brilliant and a steal. Your cashmere sweater may pill (this is the term for when little balls of fluff  appear on your  knitwear) I have found that this only happens for the first few wears. Once you de-pill it with your cashmere comb, they are good as new. Pilling is not a sign of an inferior yarn. 

Cashmere has become far more affordable and accessible in the last decade with advances in technology. You will now find Cashmere pieces in most good high street stores with ZARA, Mango and M&S all offering pieces. 

I hope you enjoy this edit. I adore knitwear so it was a joy to put it together for you, Susanne x.

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