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The Face Behind

Fashion Floats

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Launched originally as a fashion blog in 2010, Fashion Floats has evolved and grown in to what you see today- Susanne's edit of the best fashion, beauty and lifestyle pieces to hit the net every week, ensuring you always have your fingers on the fashion pulse, without the hours of searching.

Susanne realised that the internet was saturated and can be daunting for people. "Most people just don't know where to start" she says. Susanne wants Fashion Floats to become your go-to when you are online shopping. "I still receive queries from old customers from my days in retail asking for styling advice or where someone can source a piece so I knew there was a need for this site" states Susanne.

Susanne has a discerning eye and distinctive talent for spotting a trend from the get go. She wants to impart this knowledge to her readers and those following her growing Instagram 

account also.


First and foremost a fashion buyer, Susanne has worked in the industry for almost thirty years. She draws on her expert knowledge and personal style for Fashion Floats, to source the most stylish high street finds mixed with the occasional ‘splurge’ but only if it’s really worth investing in. 

Fashion Floats was created by Susanne Mc Donald.

Susanne's motto is "Buy the best 'You' Can afford" This is reflected in Susanne's interest in sustainability. She admits she is not perfect but strives to inform herself, particularly when it comes to beauty products. For 2021 Susanne has started the "Buy Well, Buy Less" initiative whereby she is endeavouring to purchase no more than 3o items of clothing. Susanne is delighted that many of the people who follow her Instagram account have committed to joining her on this journey to promote conscious and sustainable shopping. 


Susanne endeavours to include an item from sustainable or small Irish business in each edit. Susanne wants Fashion Floats to be an inclusive and positive space where small businesses can be discovered alongside high-street finds. 

So browse, enjoy and please do contact Susanne with any of your fashion queries or if you would like to see your products featured on Fashion Floats.


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